Wednesday, September 30, 2009

in a pickle

I'd like to lodge a formal complaint about the negative connotations of the term, in a pickle. I mean, what's so bad about pickles? In fact, I'll take this one step farther and ask, what's not to love about pickles? I'm not talking about the limp excuses the color of industrial waste that sometimes lie listlessly next to a burger or Reuben. No, I'm talking about the perfect vinegary wince and crunch of a don't-mess-with-me dill, the delicate savory-sweet tones of a Japanese eggplant tsukemono, or the spicy mango pickle from South India that has me gulping down gallons of yogurt to tame the heat.

Pickling is a tradition that goes back centuries, is found in every corner of the globe, and while started as a necessity, has stuck around because they're just so darn delicious. It's no wonder then that the New York Food Museum has awarded the pickle its own exhibit, and will host the Ninth Annual New York City International Pickle Day on October 4, 2009, according a snappy little piece in Black Book. Off to check my calendar to see about a flight back east...

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